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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.13

From: bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.13
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 14:54:35 -0800

GNU Go 3.3.13 is now available at:

Patches in this release, and cvs tags:

tree_3_13.1. Build with experimental reading enabled. 
vcrepair_3_13.4. VC++ compatibility patch.
vcrepair_3_13.3. VC++ compatibility patch.
evan_3_13.14. Atari_atari pattern with test case. 
  CVS tag rel-3-3-13-pre-5. 
evan_3_12.14. Tactical move ordering. 
evan_3_13.13. Owl tuning. 
arend_3_13.8. Big cleanup of interface to influence.c. 
evan_3_13.5. GTP clear_cache. 
evan_3_13.12a. Tests. 
paul_3_13.9. New joseki preliminaries. 
nando_3_13.3a. A portion of nando_3_13.3. Owl tuning. 
  CVS tag rel-3-3-13-pre-4. 
vaughn_3_13.1. GNU Go tries to play out a ladder. 
arend_3_13.6. Unify pre- and post-owl influence computations.
gunnar_3_13.9. Minor tuning. 
arend_3_13.7a. cleaner attack either/defend both; remove worms[], dragons[]. 
nando_3_13.2. Try to confine the dragon before taking a lone eye. 
paul_3_13.7. owl1 corrections. 
paul_3_13.6. Matchpat 1D revision, continued. 
paul_3_13.4. Cleaning and improving board.c. 
gunnar_3_13.8. Snapback moves. Supercedes gunnar_3_12.5. 
trevor_3_13.2. verbosity simplified. 
  CVS tag rel-3-3-13-pre-3. 
paul_3_13.5.gz. Matchpat made one dimensional. 
gunnar_3_13.7. A similar bugfix to the following patch. 
gunnar_3_13.6a. Revision of gunnar_3_13.6. Bugfix for Saphir game. 
arend_3_13.3. Strategic bonus for connecting critical dragon out. 
arend_3_13.5. And yet more tests. 
saphir_3_13.1. Tests. 
arend_3_13.4. Influence debug output enhanced. 
vcrepair_3_13.1. VC repair. 
evan_3_13.9. Two new tests. 
evan_3_13.11. Testcase. 
evan_3_13.10-defense. Defense part of evan_3_13.10 with modifications. 
  CVS tag rel-3-3-13-pre-2.
paul_3_13.1a. Various stuff in optics.c and mkeyes.c. 
gunnar_3_13.5. Tuning and bugfix. 
owl_tuning_3_13.1. Minor owl tuning. 
paul_3_13.3a. Resubmission of paul_3_13.3. DFA size reduction. 
trevor_3_13.1. DFA shuffle. 
gunnar_3_13.4. New and revised test cases. 
paul_3_13.2. Eye pattern merge. 
gunnar_3_13.3. restricted_genmove. 
  CVS tag rel-3-3-13-pre-1. 
even_3_13.3. Findcap. 
arend_3_13.1. Always keep incremental board data initialized. 
evan_3_13.7. EB1404. 
evan_3_13.6. Tactics1:101. 
evan_3_13.2. Atari-atari tuning. 
teun_3_12.2. Revised owl_rot tests. 
nando_3_13.1. Owl tuning. 
teun_3_13.1a. Array bound violation in surround.c. 
evan_3_13.1. Endgame testcases. 
evan_3_12.15. Attack either testcase. 
gunnar_3_13.2. Revision of eyes.db. 
gunnar_3_13.1. Bugfix in connections.c. 

For more information see ChangeLog.


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