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RE: [gnugo-devel] VC repair

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: RE: [gnugo-devel] VC repair
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 08:30:13 -0500

>The operand of the '&' operator must be an lvalue. In ANSI C,
>the ternary operator (e1 ? e2 :e3) does not yield an lvalue
>but an rvalue (try '-pedantic' with gcc).
>As far as I know, the situation changes with C++. To the best
>of my knowledge (e1 ? e2 : e3) yields an lvalue, and thus the
>construct &(e1 ? e2 : e3) is valid in C++.

In VC, compiling a *.c file generates the error message:
  '&' requires l-value
However, a *.cpp file compiles w/out a problem.

So, Hellwig seems to have it just right.


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