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[gnugo-devel] a suggestion...

From: Oxonian
Subject: [gnugo-devel] a suggestion...
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 04:55:25 +0100

In several places on your site
you mention "Sente Software's FreeGoban" as a good program for Mac OS X users. This software is supplied as source and needs to be compiled by the user - fine for those that know how but useless for those that don't (e.g. the large class of people who know nothing about software compilation but do know and like Go).

The thing is that Sente also offers the compiled app Goban for FREE (even though it isn't GPL), and apparently they are keeping nicely up-to-date with the included version of GNUgo. This is a vital thing for such Mac users to know. Getting and installing Goban is a matter of clicking once and click-dragging once!
I appreciate that you guys want to provide maximum support for GPL software, but really you should provide a link to Goban. For non-technical users of Mac OS X it is by far the best option!

(I only found out about it by (a) following your links to freegoban, (b) seeing that freegoban requires building, (c) writing an email to Sente complaining that they didn't have a pre-compiled binary, (d) hearing back from them that Goban is pre-compiled and is free to use! It would have been much easier for me if you had just made a link on your site to Goban!)

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