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[gnugo-devel] GG3.5.5

From: max-d
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GG3.5.5
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 10:41:50 +0200

Hi , i wrote (few months ago)

> 3rd-  looking at NNGS Gnugo results, i see it is growing up for >some
 >but i'm afraid  this will end with 3.5.3

> i 've run a short match
> go++ lv 5 vs GG3.5.3 lv 12
> the result is GG=1 Go++=13
> looking at these  games , i can't see how GG3.5.3 can beat go++
> with such  fuseki choices.

I just have to say the reverse of this when looking at GNUGO 3.5.5
kind of play !
Against Go++ , Gnugo (exept Cosmic) was always trailing by a lot after about
20-30 moves .
This time seems to be over !
I just have looked at 6 games .
The general impression is that GG 3.5.5 will win vs Go++
The fuseki playing style is a lot more good !!
result right now is just 3-3 but gg lost by a very few and won very easily .
GG played level 10 and Go++ at its top level (Go++ thinks about 2.5 more
than gg).
I'm almost sure that GG rating will improve significantly on the web servers
Great version !!
Congrats !

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