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Re: [gnugo-devel] GoThic, gnugo-lib

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] GoThic, gnugo-lib
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 17:01:52 +0300
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cies wrote:

> i am concidering to make a x-platform qt-based, FSF,
> user/beginner/idiot-friendly standalone go playing (so no go server
> connectivity)

Do you mean ``Free Software'' or ``Free Software Foundation'' by ``FSF''?

> i was wondering:
> 1) what is the status of gothic (the name is a bit too generic to
> easiliy google on it)
> 1a) is there is place where i can see the code?

I have no idea.  If Tanguy Urvoy still reads this list, maybe he will reply.

> 2) is there a (possibility for a) gnugo-lib, so apps (that i might
> want to build) can get gnu-go-skill by linking to a lib? [that would
> be great]
> 2a) would it be very hard to make

It is possible to make a gnugo-lib in principle, but we don't want to do
this (see below.)

> 3) what would else be the most easy way to have an app connect with gnu-go? 

The best way is to use GTP.  This way you don't need any libraries, just
have GNU Go installed somewhere.  Better yet, GTP is a standardized protocol,
which means you can interface other engines besides GNU Go.  See

> 4) do you have general tips, interesting notes/comments for me...

I'm writing a client myself, see  It has
different priorities than yours and is written in GTK+ (isn't really a GNOME
application, but more or less like that.)  Quarry is under GPL version 2, so
if you are going to be GPL yourself, you are welcome to borrow code.

Also, my programming style has ``separate GUI from internals'' principle,
and because of this large part of Quarry is completely independent of
GTK+/GLib.  Actually, I would accept another (Qt) branch of GUI for Quarry,
in parallel of GTK+ branch.  If you are willing to change priorities (i.e.
Quarry is not Go-only, does not strives for particular simplicity and will
support internet servers some day), willing to join an existing project
instead, feel free to contact me.  Note, however, that this a not a wildcard
proposal, and I do have conditions for a potential Qt GUI branch.


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