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Re: [gnugo-devel] thrashing dragons and owl threats

From: bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] thrashing dragons and owl threats
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 05:25:15 -0700

> > The time to run identify_thrashing_dragons() is negligible,
> > so maybe the best thing for 3.6 is to call it twice, once
> > before the owl threat code runs.
> It doesn't seem like a proper long term solution but it should be okay
> for now. How certain are we that it's completely safe to do it?
> Another plausible short-term solution is not to do owl threat analysis
> for thrashing dragons at all.

With this question in mind I compiled with owl threats and
ran the regressions.

The owl threats does poorly on the regressions and has no
effect on thrashing.tst. I didn't see any crashes.

> GNU Go currently includes two gnugo.el files:
> * interface/gnugo.el -              dated February 2000
> * interface/gtp_examples/gnugo.el - added January 2003
> Should one or both of these be removed and/or replaced by something
> newer before GNU Go 3.6 is released?

Unfortunately Thi's current scheme requires you to load
his own personal modifications to Emacs just to run
gnugo. His instructions are to download a huge directory
of Elisp files and install it.

The upside is that you should be able to get
a nice graphical Go board. The gtp_examples/gnugo.el
is based on his earlier work but was never finished.
There are problems with cursor movements as I recall.
(I think you couldn't move the cursor to the bottom
row, and he didn't reply to e-mails about this after
the first reply that he was going to fix it.)

The interface/emacs.el works well but just gives an
ascii board. It would be very desirable to fix


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