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Re: [gnugo-devel] Memory leak analyse

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] Memory leak analyse
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 19:25:42 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:
> >> I want to known the way that two GnuGo play game each other in the
> >> Windows.
> >
> > Presumably either of twogtp, twogtp-a,, and twogtp.pike in
> > the interface/gtp_examples directory should work, assuming that you
> > have Perl (for the two first), Python, or Pike installed on your
> > computer. I don't use Windows myself but maybe those on the list who
> > do can tell what works for them.
> First of all hello to all of you... this is my first post. I just stumbled
> upon Go and GNUGo and it seems like a wonderful game and a wonderful
> project. I hope to get my hands dirty soon.

Just before you start, be aware that we only accept contributions with
copyright assigned to Free Software Foundations.  Are you willing to assign
copyright on your modifications?

> I was able to run after a few modifications. First you must
> install Python of course. I was unable to run the script from the command
> line so this hack worked for me. Put two copies of GNUGo in the same
> directory as Edit that file using IDLE (right click the file)
> and scroll to the bottom where you see the default values of the command
> line arguments. Change white and black (black = "gnugo_360.exe --mode gtp"
> for example) and whatever else you want. You'll notice that the script
> outputs sgf files in the same directory for viewing.

Well, I (and most other GNU Go people) don't use Windows, but assume you
could just run it as

        python --white "path\to\gnugo\gnugo.exe --mode gtp"
                         --black "path\to\gnugo\gnugo.exe --mode gtp"

(in one line.)  However, Windows command line is kinda lame, so I'm not sure
if it will really work.

BTW, the most advanced of the `twogtp' scripts is `twogtp.pike', so you
should maybe try to install Pike interpreter.

> I'm going to use this script to learn more about different GNUGo
> configurations by playing it against itself. I'm curious if 3.7.2 is better
> than 3.6 and how much the levels make a difference. Can anyone tell me what
> the highest level is: 12,15, 99???

There is no highest level, but all development and testing is done at level 10.
Level 12 should be quite safe.  Level 15 is not well tested, but can be tried.
Levels above 15 are rumored to be tremendously slow on some positions, like
no move generated in 30+ hours.


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