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Re: [gnugo-devel] multi-board branch

From: Marco Scheurer
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] multi-board branch
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 03:09:12 +0200

On Apr 28, 2005, at 5:48 PM, Paul Pogonyshev wrote:

Arend wrote:
On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Paul Pogonyshev wrote:
Unfortunately, I was wrong.  Performance hit is around 10%: 6885
seconds CPU time against 6106 seconds.  Timing may be not very
precise as I used the box during regression runs, but the main
picture is clear.

Which CPU, compiler? I may try to run some tests myself.

Athlon XP 2500+, GCC 3.2.

On my Pentium M with GCC 3.4, I get about 7-8% performance penalty.

So what do people think about this?  Is it too much?

I'm a bit surprised by these numbers. I was under the impression that the overhead of accessing global variables would somehow compensate for the cost of dereferencing. I still think it is a good thing to have, but maybe the idea of using accessor macros to be able to switch that on or off could be given another thought? Maybe something like:

#define board(engine) engine->board


#define board(engine) g_board

Are you interested in numbers using GCC 4.0 on a G4 and /or a G5? If so could someone remind me what's needed to make measurements?



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