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[gnugo-devel] Suggestion for a gnugo-wiki

From: ab
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Suggestion for a gnugo-wiki
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 02:47:39 +0200

I want to propose a "gnugo-wiki", which would cover topics about gnugo AND
computer-go programming in general.

This would give questions that appear from time to time (and ongoing discussions, where the ultimate answer has not yet been found -) a more permanent home. (just like a FAQ, but people can add their opinions)

Questions like:

"For game-tree-search, should i update the board state and data structures, or
copy it, or both?"

"How do i calculate hashes the best way? etc"

(what programming language should i use... :-)

(and lots of other implementation details...)
(how do i define goals; how do i find patterns)

-- I think the more experienced gnugo-programmers would have a lot to say to
these questions.

-----2 more things:

* the sensei's wiki also has a bit about "Computer Go Programming", but imho it
 is not the absolutely correct place for more detailed implementation-
 discussions etc...

* there exists the "computer-go-list" and the "gnugo-list" --;
 i think a "gnugo-wiki" would be more appropriate, as this would automatically
also cover the more general questions (so it would automatically also be a "computer-go-wiki", but the other way around this would not be the case)

However, if we want a wiki, i don't neither have the server nor do i know how to set up one, so somebody else would have to do that (same infrastructure as senseis, or
an earlier version of that wiki would be a possibility; even a wiki without go 
would be useful).

If it starts small and would grow slowly in the beginning, it would still be a 
nice thing, imho.
It should also not replace one of the gnugo/computer-go-mailing-lists.

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