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Re: [gnugo-devel] GUI and Moyo

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] GUI and Moyo
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 22:24:50 +0300
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Alexander wrote:

> Paul wrote:
> > Where can it be found?  Or is it not available yet?
> I e-mailed it to Pete Shinners of, but haven't heard or seen
> anything about it since. It's GPL, but the only place it's available right
> now is on my laptop. :) I might release it on SourceForge, Savannah or my
> homepage. Any ideas?

You can put it up on Savannah or Gna! (  SourceForge is
of course an option too, but I omitted it because of a personal distaste ;)

> It's a completely separate program that talks to GNU Go via GTP. It
> generates the 20 or so first moves, and then uses the GNU Go engine for the
> rest of the moves.
> [...]
> My code is only for generating moyo-expanding moves. When I try to run my
> code for the 20 first moves, and then GNU Go for the rest of the moves
> against "pure" GNU Go, my version always wins. But, overriding the 20 first
> moves is sub-optimal, since it's unable to handle stuff like contact play
> in the very beginning. After the C-version is finished, I hope it will
> perform even better than the current Python-version, and that it will also
> be able to generate a good move or two for the mid- or endgame.

Aha, this makes sense.  GNU Go is weak in the beginning of the game and any
improvement is of course very desirable.  We will be very interested in C
code, if you produce it.

One point: if you want to directly contribute to GNU Go, you will need to
assign copyright to Free Software Foundation.  Are you willing to do this?

> [...]
> Are there any
> resource-persons connected to the GNU Go project that I can contact over
> time?

It is usually best to post to address@hidden unless you really intend
to mail someone personally.  If you are going to work on GNU Go, it also
makes sense to subscribe to the list, but it is not required: posting for
non-members is unrestricted.


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