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Re: [gnugo-devel] suicide move

From: alain Baeckeroot
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] suicide move
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 11:52:24 +0200
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Le Dimanche 9 Avril 2006 04:21, Hiroshi Yamashita a écrit :
> Hi,
> GnuGo played suicide move as below in 9x9.
> I found this gnugo 3.7.4, but 3.7.9 also played same move.
> I tested VC++6.0 and gcc on linux.
> Regards,
> Hiroshi Yamashita
Thank you for reporting this bug, and by the way
this interesting game against Aya :)

It happens only during end-game. In attachement a simple
patch to workaround/fix this.


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