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Re: [gnugo-devel] influence and territory values

From: David G Doshay
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] influence and territory values
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 14:53:32 -0700

On 14, May 2006, at 12:41 PM, Gunnar Farnebäck wrote:

David wrote:
Following from F6, option I is us G4, them C6, us D3, and option L is
us D3, them C6, us G4.

For option I: InfW=-7.00, TerrW=-3.00, InfB=-29.00, TerrB=-3.00
For option L: InfW=-11.00, TerrW=-3.00, InfB=-31.00, TerrB=-3.00

Why would the same board evaluate differently?

No idea. How are InfW and InfB computed?

These are just short names for:

     influence4black = influence_score(INITIAL_INFLUENCE( BLACK ));
     territory4black = influence_evaluate_position( BLACK, NULL,
&status );
     influence4white = influence_score(INITIAL_INFLUENCE( WHITE ));
     territory4white = influence_evaluate_position( WHITE, NULL,
&status );

calculated directly from the functions in engine/influence.c

If I understand things correctly, the GTP commands

boardsize 9
play black f6
play white g4
play black c6
play white d3
initial_influence black territory_value
captures black
captures white

should show some difference compared to

I do not see why they should, but they did.

boardsize 9
play black f6
play white d3
play black c6
play white g4
initial_influence black territory_value
captures black
captures white

Note that the different returned values were for Influence, not
territory values, but yes. Those two sequences were sent to 2
different CPUs, and the values returned were different.

but I get identical results. Plausibly there could be some badly
initialized or reset data structure

This is a plausible reason, but it seems unlikely. The nodes are
unlikely to get out of sync in that way ... but I will check again.

involved but then debugging would
require doing the same intermediate processing.

We have not re-run these sequences since the tournament, and
perhaps we should.

In other words, in
order to get any further with this I would need complete and
preferrably minimal code to reproduce the problem.


Complete SlugGo code is easy ... minimal is harder. There is a
bunch of code there that is required for the cluster communication.

I have done some restructuring since making the code available
for download. Early in the week I will tar up the new bundle and
link to it instead. After I put up that link I will email again with
some thoughts on how to simplify figuring out what SlugGo is

Building SlugGo also requires installation of lam-mpi.



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