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[gnugo-devel] Re: gnugo-devel Digest, Vol 42, Issue 22

From: John Tromp
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Re: gnugo-devel Digest, Vol 42, Issue 22
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 17:13:21 +0000

Here's my final report from the Olympic Oval.

Yesterday GnuGo played 1-1 versus Indigo, winning the
first game comfortablz, but narrowly losing the 2nd by 7.5
thanks to the usual blundering. It next twice defeated 9x9 winner
CrazyStone but only after allowing gnugo to void a game in which
gnugo at lvl 15 took seemingly forever on a single move.

Today, it faced the only undefeated program, Go Intellect.

It won the first game convincingly, and the second, much less convincingly,
as well!
This tied both programs for first place, so a playoff ensued. The coinflip
gave GnuGo black, and once again GnuGo proved victorious, although
this game was a total atrocity of blunders. It seems each program tried to
outdo the other in playing incomprehensibly bad moves.

But, it's the end result that counts, and we can congratulate all GnuGo
developers on this golden medal!

Btw, Gunnar: there were complaints of GnuGo's registration fee
not having been received (paypal problems?), so please check that.

I will not be present at the prize giving ceremony tomorrow.
Please let me know to whom the medal should be sent.

Please find all sgf records attached.

It was lots of fun being a part of the computer olympiad,
and I hope to one day be there with my own program:)


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