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Reply: [gnugo-devel] eyespace reading

From: George Zhong
Subject: Reply: [gnugo-devel] eyespace reading
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 08:31:48 +0800

Have you tried this on an actual board position? The first case has the eye
graph "...!" but in the second case the topological half/false eye analysis
should detect both a false eyepoint and a halfeye on the edge, and the
eyespace segmentation should find ".h!" which is translated to a graph
matching eye pattern 448 for a 0011 value.

Surely I have tried this position before I sent last mail, I attach the SGF
here then for you reference. If I had not missed something, the topological
code may not work well to detect the false & halfeye.

George Zhong


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