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[gnugo-devel] [computer-go] 9x9 and 19x19

From: Stefan Mertin
Subject: [gnugo-devel] [computer-go] 9x9 and 19x19
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 18:39:15 +0200 (CEST)

Cc:      address@hidden
Date:   2007-05-22 17:55

Hi everyone!

It is really exciting and captivating 
to follow the threads exchanged here
and I have the impression that computer go 
is again coming in a very hot phase these days!

After having done a lot 13x13 in 2002-2005 
( meanwhile with WinHonte, Explorer, ... 25 'classic' programs listed at )
I am now playing a continuation of my private tournaments 
for as much different programs as possible
in 9x9 Go and 19x19 Go!

I am totally found of Don Daileys CGoServer which is indeed a fantastic, 
great work and of immense use for all computer Go programmers.
And also the KGS tournaments run by Nick Wedd has become
one of the most important goals for every actual Go program.

So my personal tournaments, run on my private PC,
are just meant to give an additional possibility 
to compare some actual with some older Go software,
that perhaps would/could not participate in those two events above.

To begin with, I started playing 9x9 Go with GnuGo v3.6
(I took this version as being the last 'released' one, but if there won´t be 
a newer version or even a v3.8 soon, I´ll probably change to v3.7.10 next) 
on different levels to see how much playing strength 
would increase with more thinking time.

>From a total of over 2.500 games 
played in levels 10, 12, 14, 15 or 16
It showed that GnuGo 3.6 was best for 9x9 Go on level 15.

Meanwhile I am playing 9x9 Go
nearly round-robin with some 
actually available Go software
(Aya v5.99, 
SmartGo v2.6, 
WinHonte v2.01, 
Dariush v3.157)
as well as some older versions
(ManyFaces v11.0, 
Go Intellect v10.0, 
GoeMate of 2001, 
Go++ v5.0)
and even started some games with 
CrazyStone0005 (the version that won gold in Turin, 2006) 
and some first experimental versions of Suzie.

Detailed results as well as all the games
will be posted soon and hopefully published as well.

Next I want to play 19x19 as well
(and also include FunGo from 2000, which only runs on 19x19).

Actually I let play 150 games per pairing in 9x9 Go
with two moves preset
and 100 games per pairing in 19x19 Go
with five moves preset.
This might change with more experience 
and first of all I plan to include series of handicap games!

There is lots of work to be done for it.
Comments & questions (& soon new versions of Go software..!) 
are highly appreciated and welcome!


Stefan Mertin, 
Osnabrueck / Germany

2007-05-21 19:58 Heikki Levanto wrote:
[computer-go] 9x9 vs 19x19 (was: computer-go Digest)
> I think there has been a marked change of interest since the
> introduction of UCT, and - around the same time - the cgos 9x9
> tournament page.
> I understand that most people do their experiments on 9x9, the results
> are available so much faster. Still, I think it might be time to loosen
> the focus on 9x9, and have some more things happening on other sizes.
> Would there be interest in a tournament system for 19x19 programs?
> Something like 30 mins / player sounds like a reasonable extrapolation. 

2007-05-22 17:22 Don Daileywrote:
[computer-go] CGOS 19x19 almost ready.
> Ok the 19x19 server is almost ready.  
> I would like to get 3 or 4 volunteers to run a copy of the Anchor.
> The Anchor will be GnuGo 3.7.10 with these parameters:  
> gnugo --mode gtp --score aftermath --capture-all-dead --chinese-rules
> ...

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