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[gnugo-devel] Configure options

From: Gunnar Farnebäck
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Configure options
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 21:28:28 +0100
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Reviewing the configure options I'd like to make some changes.

| /* Connection module. Default standard. */

This toggles between two connection reading modules, where one is
effectively abandoned. I don't see any value in exposing this to the
users and propose demoting it to a local #define in readconnect.c.

| /* Connection module. Default experimental. */

This has long been unused and should be removed.

| /* Define as 1 to use the grid optimisation, or 2 to run it in self-test mode
|    */
| #define GRID_OPT 1

Completely uninteresting for users. Demote it to a local #define in

| /* Enable GNU Readline support */
| #define READLINE 0

Can't we just detect the availability of the readline library and use
it if it's there?

| From board.h:
| #define MAX_BOARD         19       /* Maximum supported board size.   */

This would make sense as a configure option since some people might
wish to try e.g. 21x21 games whereas a MAX_BOARD of 9 may increase the
speed on 9x9. We need to find out the upper limit for MAX_BOARD so we
can prevent setting it to a value where the engine would surely crash.


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