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[gomd-devel] <DAEMON> the "cleanups saga" continues.

From: Gian Paolo Ghilardi
Subject: [gomd-devel] <DAEMON> the "cleanups saga" continues.
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 00:43:46 +0200

Hi all.

1)I'm working to cleanup some files before start playing with chpox stuff.

2)This night I've tested gomd => properly a proof-of-concept test.
I've launched gomd, telnetted to it and called a new gomd telnet session
from the first session (via the cwc command).
It works!!! :)
However I cannot use telnet commands from the SCX facility, but the idea of
calling the daemon again via SCX _does_ works ;)

3)I've done lots of tests (with a small Garbage Collector, with
smartPointers,...) to check daemon memory usage => no memory leaks occurred
=> no code added for memory usage control! We don't need a such kind of
control ;)

4)For roeles: can you send me the contents of your /proc/cpuinfo file?
I need it for removing the bug you signaled me. Thanks.




IN main.cpp
(+) enabled signal handlers stuff

IN connHandler.cpp
(+) updated to support the change in scxCheck

IN csCollector.cpp
(+) cosmetics

IN scxCheck.h/scxCheck.cpp
(m) changed checkCommand() name to tryToExecuteCommand().
(f) fixed bug while trying to execute an unknown command.

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