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Re: [gomd-devel] openMosix Meeting 21-22/2 2004 Fosdem Brussels

From: Kris Buytaert
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] openMosix Meeting 21-22/2 2004 Fosdem Brussels
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 11:59:08 +0100

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 11:13, address@hidden wrote:
> Hi,
> I read about FOSDEM and the meeting and I am determined to go.
Yippie  :)

> So I wonder wich hotel you are staying at, since I am likely to go alone(no 
> enthousiastic friends).
Actually, I have no clue where everybody will be staying .. there are
lots of hotels etc on the Fosdem site so I guess that's a good place to
start..  Maybe Matt already made reservations.

> Also, when/where was the oM meeting planned?

Fosdem is at the ULB (French Free University of Brussels) on the
Solbosch campus ( http://www.fosdem.org/2004/index/practical/image )
The Exact room of the openMosix event is not known yet ..and will be
announced asap.


Kris Buytaert <address@hidden>

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