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[gomd-devel] more OSX good news

From: Johnny Cache
Subject: [gomd-devel] more OSX good news
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 20:24:07 -0600 (CST)

Good news guys!
i successfuly ported the important parts of gomd to OSX with very little
I had to:
Modify the lib Makefile slightly.
Modifly the cpp example to open "libgomd.dylib" rather than .so
modify the c example to set CC=g++ rather than gcc (dono how that worked
on linux...)
I didnt make any real effort to play with the java stuff since i know so
little about building it.

I put a tarball of my local gomd snapshot up here :

hopefully one of you guys can figure out a way to modify the build process
to work on both of them? I dont really know how you want to go about this.
We could just make an OSX distribution which just has the libraries and
that has its own build code.  Its upto everyone i guess. I'd prefer to
keep the bases the same but what do you all think?
I modifed the lib Makefile in an attempt to make this easier.

Best Regards

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