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[gomd-devel] <DAEMON> libgtop dep removed; smartSupport added

From: Gian Paolo Ghilardi
Subject: [gomd-devel] <DAEMON> libgtop dep removed; smartSupport added
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:35:08 +0200

Hi all.

- libgtop removed
- preliminar import for smartSupport class (support to ide-smart tools)

Matt: please test it up. Thanks. :)))
In the meantime I'll redesign support class loading mechanism.




IN Makefile
(+) as libgtop was removed, now can have just one makefile :)))

IN connHandler.h/connHandler.cpp/chSupport.h/chSupport.cpp/supported_cmds
(-) as libgtop was removed, we removed also several options.
Remained options: get {cpuinfo, pidlist, uptime, meminfo}

IN smartSupport.h/smartSuport.cpp
(+) preliminar import of ide-smart support class

IN utils.h/utils.cpp
(+) added new isProgramInstalled() method to check if a program is
available/installed and works.

IN compile.sh
(+) removed askForLibgtop() as this library from now isn't needed any more

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