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[Gpaint-list] Re: 739 VALLotUM

From: Tutankhamon Chamber
Subject: [Gpaint-list] Re: 739 VALLotUM
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 08:49:17 -0700

C \ A L i S
S O M &
V A L \ U M
P R O Z & C
M E R \ D i A
X & N A X
L E V \ T R A
V \ A G R A
A M B \ E N

Come on! Come on! cried the others. Let us follow Balms path! Under
the rocky wall to the right there was no path, so on they trudged among
the stones on the left side of the river, and the emptiness and
desolation soon sobered even Thorin again. The bridge that Balin had
spoken of they found long fallen, and most of its stones were now only
boulders in the shallow noisy stream; but they forded the water without

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