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[Gpaint-list] Urgent Message

Subject: [Gpaint-list] Urgent Message
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:07:09 +0200
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Dearest One,
I am Madam Adele Mbonjo, the former manager of the Central African
Republic's former President Ange Felix Patassé. I'am presently in house
arrest here in Bangui the state capital, after the military putch. I
found your address in the commercial directory we have in our Chamber
of Commerce.First of all,I'am very sorry for the way I get in touch
with you for such a matter.But due to poor and un-reliable
communication technology coupled with the confidentiality of this
business are the reasons that prompted me to do so.

I would like to go into partnership with you, in order to invest a sum
of Twenty Nine Million, Five Hundred Thousand USA Dollars (29,500,000
USD)in profitable sectors in your country, as long as you are
interested in my offer.I got this money from cash donations by foreign
contractors I've granted many contracts in my department during my
tenure. As a close aide to the former President, I couldn't use our
banking system to transfer such an amount without trace. This could
cause me serious problems.Even presently,

the new President has decided to freeze all the abroad banking accounts
of all those who were close to former President Patassé.We are placed
under security close watch while my travelling papers are seized.I was
able to manipulate through United Nations peace keeping force to run
into safety with my children into Republic of Benin where we live
secretly presently to enable under refugee camp.During my tenure in
government,I used the government decoy system to carry out this money
abroad where know one know about in packaged luggage box The security
holding company are not aware of the contents hence I coded it as Gold,
and Diamond/Personal Belongings.

I am now without any source of income. The situation above has lead me
to ask for your co-operation for the claiming out of the security
holding company for further investment of these funds, for solid and
reliable projects of investment. I respectfully suggest a gift of 20%
of this sum for your help and your efforts. I mean USD $5,900,000 (Five
Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars). I rely on you as a respectful
and honest person to take care of this transaction with sincerity,
confidence and confidentiality.I've decided to look for a confidential
co-operation with you in this business,despite the fact that we've
never met. I hope you will keep this as a great confidential business
because of the nature of this transaction.I will make sure you take
possession of the funds, by providing a process without difficulties.I
would like to hear from you on receipt of this mail,by showing me your
good will andpossibilities,so that I can give you more details. This matter
requires a proper attention and an absolute confidentiality from you.

Finally, I will be expecting your response to this mail, whatever the
decision you come up with, let me know. end your phone number in your
response to enable us have good discussions. I it is my desire that we
communicate on phone more often for better understanding.

Yours Sincerely,
Madam Adele Mbonjo

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