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From: Mrs.Atiya Mohameed
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 15:23:15 +0700



       It is my pleasure to write this mail to you and to say thanks for your 
effort in providing an opportunity to read my mail. I got your contact when i 
was making some searches in the internet.
My name is Mrs Atiya Mohameed, a Liberian. I was until recently the wife of Mr. 
Ibrahim Mohameed  who was the chief army officer to my country Libera. I am 
contacting you  to seek your co-operation in investing $USD10.M in your company 
or your country,s economy.

My  husband made this money when he was on sit as the commander and chief army 
officer while  Charles Taylor is the president  of Liberia.
Due to some religious and political problems , my husband was  hijacked and 
brutally assasainated by the rebel leathers in Liberia.
It is worthy to note that during my husband's life time he used his position as 
a former chief aid to must have made this money in question.
This money was realised from  the sales of gold and diamond ,which are the 
country's major resources and sources of income.And before his death ,my 
husband was able to send this money via a Ghanian diplomatic contact to the 
country ,where it is currently secured with a security company as a FAMILY  
 and  my name was used as the depositor in view of my husband,s position as an 
insider in the government.
And it was my husband,s refusal to realise the money to former President 
Charles Taylor that resulted in the killing in February 2003.
Now , that i have passed through the mourning ordeal for my husband  I am   
thinking and planning the next step to take with respect to how  and where  to 
invest the money.
So my aim of sending this mail to you is to solicit your assistance in 
transfering this money to your country where it could be invested in a viable 
business for our mutual benefit. I am ready to enter into a joint venture with 
your company or we can open a new company with the money because i'm sure the 
money inside the box can establish a company of any type.
I want to assure you that you will be highly rewarded for your assistance both 
in cash or in the joint venture.
Please reply to this mail, indicating your ability to handle this transaction 
so that i will give you details to enable us map out strategies for the 
implementation of this project.

Best regards,

Mrs.Atiya Mohameed

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