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[Gpaint-list] E-gold incoming notice

From: E-gold
Subject: [Gpaint-list] E-gold incoming notice
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 05:23:16 +0800 (HKT)

Audit total circulation; compare to physical reserves.Current e-metal exchange rates

E-gold Benefits

e-gold logo

E-gold® An Alternative Internet Payment System

The market for goods and services sold across the Internet is large and growing. Receiving or making payment, however, can be a problem. e-gold solves the problem. 100% backed by gold bullion e-gold is truly global, minimizes exchange risk, and meets the demands of Internet payments:

  • Immediate settlement worldwide, 24/7
  • Finality of payment, no chargebacks.
  • Payments are bi-directional allowing interactive service payment
  • The system is robust, efficient, and secure
  • Merchant interfaces are easy to implement
  • Transaction costs are low

e-gold, operational since 1996, has users in over 165 countries and has settled over 45 million payments. There is over $30 million worth of e-gold in circulation supporting an annual transaction volume exceeding $1 billion (USD-equivalent).

E-gold® Please Update your accont

The E-Gold Company have major problem with the fraud alert.Betwen 20 February and 28 March we will reconfigured the server and the site because we update our firewall and security packets.Please update your account and you may be win a trip in Bahamas for 2 person.If  you don't update your account he will be deleted from our database because we considered as a fraud account.

                                    Please following the button for update the account   


7/15/2006 12:23:22 PM GMT
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