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[Gpaint-list] FWD: Market Release

From: Dale Hammer
Subject: [Gpaint-list] FWD: Market Release
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 11:20:02 -0060

Recent Announcements Indicate Climb For ag ao

Pay Attention. We are on the down side of the wave and on the way
up again.

Stock: A G.A-O
Current Price: $1.80
Buy: “Strong”

This one has had nice returns for investors over the summer, and
now shows promise to begin a second wave of returns.

Positive news releases during the month of June concerning the
acquisition of drill sites in British Columbia for precious minerals
and the purchase of additional equipment to drill deeper and
explore further the drill site potential drove investors to climb
on board and pushed this from the $1.20 mark to well over $3.

Now in the last week we have had to new releases concerning
marketing expansions with New-Element Co. Ltd. one of China's
most successful marketing groups, and the appointment of the Mr Wei
former CEO of China Mobility Solutions Inc., as the new Chairman Of
The Board, and Mr John Hui as the new Vice Chairman.

Go read these releases and the amazing track records of New Element
and Mr. Wei. You  will understand why we a re so excited about these
releases, and why we are issuing an alert.

We expect to see the second wave on this company and watch it climb
well over $3 again.

Don’t let this one slide, read the releases, see what it did back in
June and get on it first thing Tuesday morning.

NEW YORK (AP) -- A judge on Monday tossed out the latest racketeering and money 
laundering charges against John "Junior" Gotti, but the son of the late mob 
boss still faces trial on charges alleging he ordered the beating of Guardian 
Angels founder Curtis Sliwa.

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