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[Gpaint-list] uproot entwine

From: Raymond Rucker
Subject: [Gpaint-list] uproot entwine
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 02:08:27 +0300

All this was encompassed in just acouple of seconds of time. With our tail tucked neatly between our legs, we crawledalong astern. The formerwas the ZULU, and the latter the Nubian. The first thing was to find something to convey me across Channel. Trawlers, Drifters, Destroyers, or anything elsethat came within their ken. Rightly or wrongly I always like to size up each man individually formyself. Shes over in Dunkirk working up the Belgian Coast. Every two hours day and night,two words commencing with R were sent out on our wave length. Even then, it only sent the ring of the capwhirling in the air. Told off, and then tumbled into their boat. Anyhow he returned to his lairwith an empty bag that good night. Ive known him to hear and describe sounds quite outside theken of anyone on board. This time our luck was in and we caught our wily friend, and gave him agood trouncing. Our anti-aircraft defences were not whatthey might have been. To theireverlasting credit, let it be said, that they did bring down two of theblighters. Finally the Commodore called the circus off. Would she go up or would she come through? One was torpedoed inthe stern and with the other the best part of her bows gone. Originally they were based on Harwich, but notallowed to do anything worth while. Onenight a chap had the audacity to come up and shell Dover. Id given the order Action which the Gunner had supplemented withFire when your sights come on. Another half minute and Iwould show down and take a sounding. I then told him, We went round Haut Frond. Finally, and for no reason, Harbord says, Lets go off to No. Many a time they would haveto give it up and anchor in the Downs. With the Skipper of one Destroyer, his hairwent completely white.

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