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[Gpaint-list] inept

From: Eustace Hartman
Subject: [Gpaint-list] inept
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 22:15:08 +0200

And then her odd, shrewd speechmade him laugh outright.
He felthe should not know her if he met her in the road. She pursed her mouth as if in pain,as if asleep too. March looked round with big, startled black eyes, and went pale asif with terror. Again the face of the youth tightened with delighted laughter.
Its no good walking out into the forest andsaying to the deer: Please fall to my gun. He became very red, vermilion, under the slow, vague stare frombehind the spectacles. Of Nature altogether, Im afraid, said Banford.
I dont know what I meant, cried March testilyOh, Nellie, I hope you arent going jumpy and nervy. A pile of short sawed logs lay beside thetrestle. A pile of short sawed logs lay beside thetrestle.
Yes, he would have to see howthings went.
But what will you do when youve used up all your capital? What made you jump like that this evening? No, Nellie, if youwere to do such a thing as to marry him, you could never stop here. He loved to be outalone with the gun in his hands, to watch, to see.
Heseemed near, and she wanted to touch him. Perhaps you think Ive come to steal your chickens or something,he said, with the same young laugh. More than it has to do with you, probably, she replied, plaintiveand venomous. He was very curious about the girls, to find out exactly what theywere doing. Her plaintive, fretful voice had a thread of hot anger and despair.
Where am I going to find a place in the village to stay? And he thought to himself it would be a good thing tohave this place for his own. The youth looked up at her with his clear, bright look, but did notspeak.
That was a great addition to theempty larder. Yet she held her cup balanced, shedrank her tea, screwed up her mouth and held her head averted. But, with her weak, troubled sight, she only saw the usual semi-abstraction on her friends face. He saw her stooping to the bright-ended logs, and he stoppedsawing. He came in only at dinner-time, with the devil still in his face,but his manners quite polite.
Yet her large eyesdilated and glowed in spite of her; she lost herself.

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