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[Gpaint-list] pheasant unexpectedly

From: Sim Wynn
Subject: [Gpaint-list] pheasant unexpectedly
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 21:46:25 +0300
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And see you on GTalk!
But I'll make an announcement in a week or so. Seemingly this would put me firmly in the refactoring camp. It means you can mix and match and substitute apps to adopt your very own unique style of getting things done. Do you know what it does? These are all the "buttons" that other people push to attract our attention before they start speaking to us. And that's all been done already and it's working.
That puts me in an awkward position.
binhex-archive", "com.
Whereas with feeds everything is about attention: I like this topic and I want to read more on it, that author is funny and I'd like to check out her other blogs, etc.
There could be no single method that works equaly good for everyone and in every situation, though. Electronic book is for reading and maybe occasional writing. binhex-archive", "com. Especially, if the price is adequate. I even have a couple of drawers with unmarked hangers and labeled files in them.
Because even though I was writing a new code, I still had the existing code to consult with.
Labeling articles based simply on their content is not going to work. Folding in half made perfect sense for paper, it makes very little sense for an e-book.
It can even be bent slightly like a book, so you can curl up on the sofa and read away. What makes one artist 'legit' and another a 'sellout'; one artist a 'serious' musician, another a 'phony'?
Do you know what it does?
It took me a couple of months before I figured out that the song I like running to so much is the "Name of the Game" by "The Crystal Method".
Why are people sometimes embarrassed about their music tastes?
Could someone please explain to me what's it all about? For a while I tried to convince my ICQ and MSN people to switch to other networks. It means the integration is done on the applications level.
In the absence of better tools I group and shuffle feeds manually, but I cannot do that on the article level.

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