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[Gpaint-list] the price is frowing, 27% up

From: Lilia Gunter
Subject: [Gpaint-list] the price is frowing, 27% up
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 15:26:17 -0000

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"no, not at all."
"it is a delightful thing, to be sure, to have a daughter well married," continued her mother, "but"my love, should not you like to see a place of which you have heard so much?" said her aunt; "a
assistance, and to discharge the obligation as soon as he could.
"and do you really know all this?" cried mrs. gardiner, whose curiosity as to the mode of her
"la! my dear," said maria, quite shocked at the mistake, "it is not lady catherine. the old lady
darcy, she was directly retreating. but the person who advanced was now near enough to see her, andcould never be; my uncle and aunt would have been lost to me; i should not have been allowed to
elizabeth; dwelling emphatically on every _expression_ of the latter which, in her ladyship's
darcy before they had known anything of the matter.

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