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[Gpaint-list] News has just hit the wires about a emerging Oil and Gas l

From: Tradingalerts_stock
Subject: [Gpaint-list] News has just hit the wires about a emerging Oil and Gas leader referenced by stacy burns
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 05:04:23 +0000

Monumental Breaking News Below But at length they came unexpectedly upon a huge rock that shut off the passage and blocked them from proceeding a single step farther.
Oil and Gas in America. End our dependence on foreign oil are.
AGGi just released News that could majorly impact their future This rock was separate from the rest of the mountain and was in motion, turning slowly around and around as if upon a pivot.

Ground floor, only public since Aug. Low float, approx. 1 mil When first they came to it there was a solid wall before them; but presently it revolved until there was exposed a wide, smooth path across it to the other side.
Allied Energy Group, Inc - OTC-AGGI in.
This company is debtfree and financially stable This appeared so unexpectedly that they were unprepared to take advantage of it at first, and allowed the rocky wall to swing around again before they had decided to pass over.

View recent news But they knew now that there was a means of escape and so waited patiently until the path appeared for the second time.
Allied Energy Group, Inc. Announces the Continued Drilling Success for Its Five-Well Coalbed Methane Project in Oklahoma him,.
I can't be very particular about the company I keep, he thought, and this gang hasn't tried to murder me, as the rascally Turks didSo for the present I'll stand in with the scowling chief and try to get a shot at the thieves who robbed me.
It gets even better when this was released, KMV Hits Three More Wells in Oklahoma need.
Monday October 23 If our side wins I may get a chance to recover some of my property It's a slim chance, of course, but it's the only hope I have left.
AGGI, Immense profit-potential exists at this time, while the companys shares are dirt cheap of.
Get a AGGI.PK quote The children and the Wizard rushed across the moving rock and sprang into the passage beyond, landing safely though a little out of breath.
AGGI trading only since August 17, 2006. I told you this was ground floor as it gets That very evening an opportunity occurred for Rob to win glory in the eyes of his new friends.

Early bird invest0rs have a chance to look at this company before the first major price-surge Just before sundown the gates of the city flew open and a swarm of Turks, mounted upon fleet horses and camels, issued forth and fell upon their enemies.

we are not inve5tment advis0rs 0r st0 ck bro kers Jim the cab-horse came last, and the rocky wall almost caught him; for just as he leaped to the floor of the further passage the wall swung across it and a loose stone that the buggy wheels knocked against fell into the narrow crack where the rock turned, and became wedged there.
We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide inve5tment advice. Our profiles and news alerts are provided for informational purposes but are not intended to be used as the sole source of information on a company.

Please do your own due diligence before you invest. information in our emails and on our Web site may contain "for ward look ing statements" as defined under section 27.A of the 5ecurities Act of 1933 and Section 21.B of the 5ecurities Exchange Act of 1934 The Tatars, who did not expect the sally, were scarcely able to form an opposing rank when they found themselves engaged in a hand-to-hand conflict, fighting desperately for their lives.

An example of for ward look ing information are statements relating to the future anticipated direction of the industry, plans for future expansion, various business development activities, planned capital expenditures, future funding sources, anticipated sales-growth and potential contracts. These and similar for ward statements are subject to a number of known and unknown risks and uncertainties outside our control that could cause actual operations or results to differ materially from those anticipated Sorcerer,.

The cautionary statements made in this document should be read as being applicable to all related for ward look ing statements wherever they appear on our Web site or in other communications In such a battle, however, the Turks were at a disadvantage, for the active Tatars slipped beneath their horses and disabled them, bringing both the animals and their riders to the earth.
Always research your own inve5tments, and consult your inve5tment advisor before in ve5t ing. Small cap companies, micro cap companies, penny st0cks and/or thinly traded 5ecurities are inherently risky and very volatile inve5tments
They heard a crunching, grinding sound, a loud snap, and the turn-table came to a stop with its broadest surface shutting off the path from which they had come.

You risk losing some or all of the m0ney you in vest. If you are not a savvy in vest or we suggest strongly that you sit back and just watch said.

We aren't a registered financial advisor. The information presented herein is not an offer to buy or sell 5ecurities At the first onslaught Rob shot his pistol at a Turk and wounded him so severely that he fell from his horse.
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