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problem using other click sound

From: Benjamin
Subject: problem using other click sound
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 13:25:42 +0100
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Hello there!

Gtick is a nice and handy pratcing program...Thx for developing it ;)

My problem:

I have tried to use a different click sound. Problem is that when i turn
the metronome to continuus with no accents the sounds works as expected.
But when i choose 4/4 for example, the click is somehow "doubled" by a
different click sound.

So at first there is the choosen click and some ms after that there is a
drop-like sound directly after the click. The accent itself is working
as expected.

I use a .wav including only one click.

Ubuntu 20.04 Gtick 0.5.4

Thx Benjamin.

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