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[Gtktalog-devel]GTKtalog web site

From: Yves Mettier
Subject: [Gtktalog-devel]GTKtalog web site
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 23:14:08 +0200 (CEST)
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The GTKtalog web site changed. The URL and the contents remain the same of 
course. But I
worked on the internals.

Here is how it works:
changes.xml and news.xml are used to generate changes.web.xml and news.web.xml 
Then, all files *.web.xml are used to generate *.html files.

The XSLT stylesheets are the .xsl files and should not be modified for 
translation purpose.

Edit changes.xml and news.xml, and all the *.web.xml files (except 
changes.web.xml and
news.web.xml). Also edit params.xml.

Build the web site:
You need xsltproc to build the web site.
make clean

You need to run make twice: this is not mistyping :)

Those who can read French are lucky: you can buy Linux-France magazine #51, 
still in
stores this month (June 2003). There are 33 pages about building a web wite 
just like
the gtktalog web site. I'm the author of those articles, what explains about my 
work on
the gtktalog web site :)
(I don't make more money if you buy it: just get it if you want to read more 
about it)



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