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[Gtktalog-devel] CVS branchs and backporting features/bugfixes

From: Yves Mettier
Subject: [Gtktalog-devel] CVS branchs and backporting features/bugfixes
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 16:49:18 +0200 (CEST)
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I applied a patch by a contributor to the stable-1-0 branch (the one that I use 
for new
features and bug fixes on gtktalog-1.0.x). This patch was about the beaviour of 
the tree
in the left pane. Because the code of the tree will be rewritten (at least a 
big part of
it) when porting it to gnome2, I think that patch has no meaning in the CVS 
main branch.
For this reason, I will not apply the patch to the main branch

I also received a translation update: fr.po. I applied it in the stable-1-0 
branch, but
not in the main branch that is now very different. I think that we (translators 
not us) will work on translations when the port of gtktalog on gnome2 is a 
gtktalog-1.1.0 will be released (with gnome2 support) with today's 
translations, and
translators will take that version to work if they want to.

I do not communicate much about the stable-1-0 branch and about gtktalog-1.0.x. 
Do you
think it is good (I do not flood with old stuff), or would you like to know 
more about
my work on that branch (and see that I'm not doing nothing :) ?


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