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mmci 0.9.1 available

From: thi
Subject: mmci 0.9.1 available
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:56:44 -0800


this message is to announce beta release of mmci (see README below).
please check out:

for distribution including source (under GPL v2) and some testing
environment.  note: there is no AUTHORS file, but if you contribute
something that will definitely change.  feedback welcome!


[ID: README,v 1.3 2000/12/14 22:41:34 ttn Exp]
[NAME: mmci-0-9-1-release]


        This directory contains mmci (multi-method check-in), a program
        that abstracts the "cvs import" procedure to also handle RCS
        files and Emacs-style backup files.  Usage is like so:

                mmci --repo-dir my-module/stuff stuff

        where `stuff' is a directory.  Note that mmci will not create
        `my-module' for you at this time...


        guile 1.4
        ttn-pers-scheme 0.04


        make check              # optional
        make install
        make distclean


        If you are having problems, first run "make check" to see that
        it passes cleanly.  If not, please email the maintainer the
        output of "make check" and "make DEBUG=1 check".

        We tested mmci using a local repository (see "make check"), so
        its behavior for non-local repositories is probably broken.  Let
        us know of any problems.


        Please send bug reports to address@hidden
        If you are a programmer, look at TODO and help us out!

[README ends here]

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