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mmci 0.9.2 available + "american slice of life"

From: thi
Subject: mmci 0.9.2 available + "american slice of life"
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 01:55:11 -0800

it's at

now handles `--verbose' and `--dry-run'.  below is a README excerpt that
serves as manpage (for now).  only thing left in TODO for 1.0 release is
to debianize...

in other (tangential) news, i must protest the lack of guile exhibited
by various law enforcement groups:

cough, wheeze, splutter. :-/

feedback welcome, as always.


[README excerpt]


        This directory contains mmci (multi-method check-in), a program
        that abstracts the "cvs add" procedure to also handle RCS files
        and Emacs-style backup files.  Typically, you would use mmci
        like so:

                cvs add my-module/stuff
                mmci --dry-run --repo-dir my-module/stuff stuff
                [examine mmci output to see if you concur]
                mmci --verbose --repo-dir my-module/stuff stuff
                mv stuff stuff.orig
                cvs checkout my-module/stuff
                [make sure the cvs checkout is ok]
                rm -rf stuff.orig

        where "stuff" is a relative directory.  Note that mmci will not
        create `my-module' for you.

        In lieu of a proper man- or info-page (apologies in advance),
        here are the (short, long) options that mmci accepts:

        -n, --dry-run           Display commands mmci would do, but
                                don't actually do them.

        -v, --verbose           Display commands as they are executed.
                                By default, mmci works quietly.

        -r, --repo-dir DIR      Use DIR as the root of the tree to be
                                augmented from the local directory.
                                NOTE: This option is actually REQUIRED.

        The rest of the command line is the name of a single relative
        directory to be (recursively) processed.  Files already in CVS
        (as evidenced by their name appearing in CVS/Entries) are
        ignored, as are most files cvs normally ignores.  The exception
        is Emacs-style backup files (foo, foo~, and foo.~N~), which are
        checked in with successive revisions based on the files' mtime.
        Files under RCS control (RCS/*,v) are copied directly.  New
        files are checked into RCS temporarily and processed as such.

        Although mmci tries not to disturb the original working
        directory, for new files, the permissions usually end up
        read-only.  We may fix this later, but as the usage above
        indicates, it's unlikely you'll want to keep the working
        directory around anyway.

[README excerpt ends here]

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