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ttn-pers-scheme 0.05 available

From: thi
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.05 available
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 17:01:41 -0800

hello guile folks,

please see directory:

for tarball and friends.  NEWS excerpt appended.  the online
distribution expansion is gone.

i'm racing the end of year now; gotta get ttn-pers-scheme and mmci
debianized (and hopefully approved for inclusion in debian), and get
cracking on GUMM.

feedback welcome!  btw, i haven't gotten any mail today -- perhaps my
ISP is the problem.  hopefully this mail does not snag...


- VERSION 0.05 (released 2000/12/22)

  - Changes in installation procedure

        We now use the standard install procedure,
        which uses "guile-config info pkgdatadir" to determine where to
        install files.  See file README for more info.

        Also, the file INSTALL has been removed from the distribution.

  - New modules

    - (ttn slackful-concat) --- Low-hassle string/symbol concatenation
    - (ttn html-world) --- Render xearth in ASCII, inserting HTML links

        See the Commentary and procedure docstrings in each module
        for more info.

  - Changes to (ttn sanity) and (ttn original-sin)

        The development version of Guile no longer allows certain procs
        (e.g., `getenv') to accept symbols.  We use `symbol->string'
        where things break; however, there has not been a systematic
        code review.

  - Changes to (ttn shell-command-to-string)

    - new procs: `shell-command-to-list', `shell-command->list'

        The second is an alias for the first.  Each line of the shell
        command (sans newline) is an element of the return value, a

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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