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ttn-pers-scheme 0.33 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.33 available
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:34:49 +0100

from README:

  This directory contains ttn's personal scheme library, a
  collection of Guile Scheme code and intervening text (-; and a
  maintenance methodology).

NEWS excerpt below.  tarball and other files in dir:

in other news, just got a thumbs up from the find-0.01 author to include
module (z77z find) in a future ttn-pers-scheme release.  cool.


 - VERSION 0.33 (released 2004-01-30)
   - Info page installed
        At long last, there is documentation.  Also distributed, but
        not installed, is the same documentation in HTML format.  The
        availability of docs somewhat explains the brevity of the New
        Foo items below.
   - Installation updates module catalog (if supported by system)
   - Bugfix to (ttn edit) proc: `looking-at'
        A bug was fixed whereby regular expressions beginning with
        "^" were not handled correctly: `looking-at' would return #f
        when point was in fact at the beginning of the line.  It would
        only return #t if point was at the beginning of the buffer.
   - Input pipe explicitly closed
        The following procs now explicitly do a `close-pipe' when done
        reading input, allowing memory to be collected:
          (ttn shell-command-to-string)  shell-command-to-string
   - Internal (ttn gap-buffer) values bumped up
        (define default-initial-allocation (* 2 1024))
        (define default-chunk-size 1024)
        (define default-realloc-threshold 32)
   - New (ttn dirutils) proc: `filtered-files-in-vicinity'
   - New module: (ttn METAINFO)
   - New module: (ttn cvsutils)
        This is analogous to (ttn rcsutils), for CVS.
   - New module: (ttn read-text-db-table)
   - New module: (ttn personal-pgtable)
   - New module: (ttn rlog-scan-proc)
   - New scripts
        These are not installed but are mentioned here since they
        play a part in the methodology.
     - steal-this-package
        Actually, running this program results in an error at this
        time.  The adventurous may wish to pursue the matter anyway.
     - collect-lessons
        This is used to help maintain the "Learning Scheme Programming"
        node in the Guide.  The mechanisms are in place but the actual
        recording of lessons is still very much in the future.
   - Makefile oriented to CVS
        Source has moved from RCS to CVS and the top-level Makefile now
        reflects that (notably for "make dist").

[excerpt ends here]

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