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ttn-pers-scheme 0.03 available

From: thi
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.03 available
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 23:32:12 -0700

ciao, buon giorno guile lovers,

check out directory:

for ttn-pers-scheme-0.03.tar.gz and other files.  (aside: now that i
have `nftw', i can write some cvs-checkin code for, finish
moving guile-projects to postgres, and implement the GUMM.  thanks for
your continued patience! :-)

please find below the NEWS excerpt.  feedback welcome, as always.

schemey hacking,

- VERSION 0.03 (released 2000/09/30)

  - New modules

        See the Commentary in each module for more info.

    - (ttn scat) --- serial concatenation for building packets
    - (ttn abbrev-tree) --- hierarchical abbreviations
    - (ttn slice) --- sub-sequence selection using indexes

  - Changes to (ttn ftw)

    - bug fix in procedure `ftw'

        The procedure `ftw' now returns #t only if all callbacks return
        #t.  Any value other than #t is immediately taken as the return
        value for `ftw'.  Previously, only #f would terminate the walk.

    - procedure `nftw' implemented

        This is similar to `ftw' but w/ more options ("nftw" stands for
        "new filesystem tree walk").  See Commentary in ftw.scm for more

  - Testing framework added

        The Makefile target "check" (i.e., "make check") now runs
        several tests to ensure functionality of various modules.  If
        you see an error when doing this, please mail the maintainer the
        result of running the command "make DEBUG=1 check".

  - More helpful Makefile

        The default target (i.e., "make") now displays command lines
        grepped from the Makefile directly.  Here is the current output:

        $ make
        No default action makes sense; read the Makefile.
        Or be adventurous, and try one of these:
         make check
         make TTN_CHECK_DONT_MUNGE_LOAD_PATH=1 check
         make instdir=DIR install
         make newtag=SOME-TAG tag
         make disttag=FULL-TAG dist
         make rcs-state-summary
         make snapshot

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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