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Re: goops: initialize :after

From: Nicolas Neuss
Subject: Re: goops: initialize :after
Date: 04 Oct 2000 16:29:06 +0200

David Pirotte <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> I can not find similar methods in goops then we had in CLOS:
>       defmethod initialize-instance :after ((blabla <...> ) &rest args)

> (skipped)

> can anyone knowing goops better then I has an idea ?
> thanks,
> david

You can do something quite similar by customizing the
initialize-method (I asked the same question some time ago and got
this hint from Marius Vollmer:-).

>From the GOOPS-Manual:

     Note, however, that the power of GOOPS' metaobject protocol means
     that everything written here may be customized or overridden for
     particular classes!  The slot initializations described here are
     performed by the least specialized method of the generic function
     `initialize', whose signature is

          (define-method initialize ((object <object>) initargs) ...)

     The initialization of instances of any given class can be
     customized by defining a `initialize' method that is specialized
     for that class, and the author of the specialized method may
     decide to call `next-method' - which will result in a call to the
     next less specialized `initialize' method - at any point within the
     specialized code, or maybe not at all.  In general, therefore, the
     initialization mechanisms described here may be modified or
     overridden by more specialized code, or may not be supported at
     all for particular classes.

And an example:

(define-class <container> ()
  (sizes #:accessor my-sizes #:init-keyword #:sizes)
  (allocs #:accessor my-allocs))

(define-method initialize ((conti <container>) args)
  (next-method) ; initialization from paras
  (set! (my-allocs conti)
        (make-list (length (my-sizes conti)) 0)))

Yours, Nicolas.

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