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Re: Making guile as small as possible?

From: Christian Lynbech
Subject: Re: Making guile as small as possible?
Date: 20 Oct 2000 11:17:49 +0200
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter C Norton <address@hidden> writes:

Peter> Also, this platform doesn't seem to have a dynamic linker.
Peter> I've tried to get guile to give me a static binary by doing
Peter> ./configure --enable-static=y but that's still producing a
Peter> binary that relies on shared libs.

We are using guile for a network router, which doesn't have dynamic
linking either. I am using

        --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=no --enable-dynamic-linking=no

to convince configure that I really really do not want any of that.

We have also played som tricks to get rid of guile functionality that
is noit supported in the router environment (posix, signals and netdb).

Peter> So, can anyone tell me how I create a nice little tidy guile
Peter> binary that I can load onto my pda?

The guile process isn't initially that big (~1.2Kb) but seems to grow
a lot when we load our rather big and heavily CLOS'ified application,
then we see process sizes in the area of ~10Mb. (all of this is on the
UNIX version).

This is probably mostly related to the way guile handles its heap
expansion, at least with the version we are using (which is somewhat
old), where the next heap segment is twice as large as the
previous. This is just to warn you that you would want to check that

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