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Re: How do I get source properties of procedure source?

From: Matthias Koeppe
Subject: Re: How do I get source properties of procedure source?
Date: 01 Dec 2000 14:22:37 +0100
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address@hidden writes:

> Matthias Koeppe wrote:
> > SOURCE-PROPERTIES applied to the result of PROCEDURE-SOURCE always
> > seems to return the empty list.  Is there a way to access the source
> > properties for a given procedure?
> source properties are attached by READ, so they only show up
> on lists that were literally in the source.  (plus memoizing,
> but i'm not real clear on that stuff.)  PROCEDURE-SOURCE makes
> a new cons, so that won't have properties.  often there are 
> properties on the CADR (= lambda args) or CADDR (= first
> line of lambda body).

Thanks, that helped a lot.

> > (I know that I can access them if
> > the procedure invocation lives on the stack.)
> oh, how do you do that?  

Well I just meant that backtrace.c (display_header) often manages to
tell me the source properties.  I thought it was because frame
procedures were special, but obviously I was wrong.

Matthias Köppe --

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