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Re: find for guile

From: Marco Maggesi
Subject: Re: find for guile
Date: 03 Jan 2001 14:17:35 +0100
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thi <address@hidden> writes:

> hi, finally got a chance to check out find.scm and find-old.scm -- neat!
> is there any chance you will be publishing a z77z-pers-scheme (that can
> be installed w/ "./configure ; make ; make install")?
> thi

Yes!  I hope to have time to work on it next week and to
bring my find.scm in a usable state then.  The code
basically works without problems.

Apart some code cleanup, the only open issue I really would
like to solve before the first "public release" is the

Currently `find' and `find-fold' have a different behavior
with respect to the order in which they process a directory
and its files: 
  - `find' process each directory before its contents;
  - `find-fold' process each directory after its contents.

Perhaps this is the right thing, but I suspect this can be
confusing for the users in some situations.  What do you
think about that?

Other ideas are very briefly indicated in the TODO list of
`find.scm' (available form

;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; ToDo:
;;;   - Support shell pattern matching.
;;;   - Use hash table in `make-descend-subdir?'.
;;;   - Error handling?
;;;   - More predicates.
;;;   - A `-prune' like predicate.


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