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ttn-pers-scheme 0.08 available

From: thi
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.08 available
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 18:34:55 -0800

please see:

for tarball and related files.  news excerpt follows.  ah, automation....


- VERSION 0.08 (released 2001/01/05)

  - New module: (ttn cron) --- Provide cron-compatible framework

        This file exports `cron', a macro that has signature:
        (cron CMDLINE-LIST . HANDLERS)

        CMDLINE-LIST is a two-element list, of the form:

        HANDLERS is zero or more forms:
        ((KEY) (BODY1) (BODY2) ...)

        BODY1, BODY2 and so on are optional.  KEY is a symbol or string.
        The body forms for a KEY are executed if COMMAND matches KEY.
        If CMDLINE-LIST does not have exactly two elements, a usage message
        is displayed and a "bad usage" error is signalled.  If COMMAND
        matches no key, `cron' silently returns #f, otherwise, the return
        value is the value of the last body form executed.

        #!/usr/local/bin/guile -s
        (cron (command-line)
              ((hourly) (write-line "yawn, stretch"))
              ((daily)  (write-line "zonk")))

        See also link at end of
        for example usage.

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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