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Bindings: guile-for-ada

From: Bobby D. Bryant
Subject: Bindings: guile-for-ada
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 20:49:34 -0600

Over the holidays I put together a package of Ada bindings for the GUILE
high-level library.

The package is in working order now, but I have left it with a version
number < 1.0 because a few functions have not yet been bound, and
because I may want to tweak the API once I've had a bit more experience
using it.

I suppose my next step should be to register the package at the GUILE
projects page, and that is my primary reason for writing:  I don't see
an appropriate category to register it under.  I wonder whether the
maintainers of the projects page would be interested in adding a new
"language bindings" category?  In addition to  my bindings, we can
reasonably expect more language bindings to be produced as GUILE becomes
more familiar in the programming world, so that might be a nice category
to add anyway.


Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

p.s. - Interested parties can get more information about guile-for-ada

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