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how to use dynamic-link

From: Matt Wette
Subject: how to use dynamic-link
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 09:07:07 -0800 (PST)


I am trying to use load shared objects but keep running to the
error message "file not found".  Does anyone know how to do this?
I am on sparc-solaris7.   If I have a file in the current
directory and have the symbolic link ->

  $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. guile

  guile> (dynamic-link "")
  standard input:1:1: In procedure dynamic-link in expression
    (dynamic-link ""):
  standard input:1:1: file not found
  ABORT: (misc-error)
  Type "(backtrace)" to get more information or "(debug)" to enter the debugger.

  guile> (dynamic-link "bfd1")
  standard input:2:1: In procedure dynamic-link in expression 
    (dynamic-link "bfd1"):
  standard input:2:1: file not found
  ABORT: (misc-error)

This is guile-1.4.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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