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From: thi
Subject: Re: GUILE FAQ
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:53:30 -0800

   From: Martin Grabmueller <address@hidden>
   Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 20:10:16 +0100

   Hmm, okay, then I think the pages at are out.  Most sites
   where people are having their private stuff are related to non-free
   content somehow.

   OT: When this policy is strictly enforced, what about projects under which have their main pages at sites like
   SourceForge?  Would they have to move?

i suppose this is something we can only expect people to self-enforce
(each page is maintained separately).  i
can't speak for the other webpage maintainers, but it seems like in
practice there has to be some tolerance to non-free links, since, for
example, references to (and i'm sure sourceforge) appear
variously in the mailing list archives.

anyway, i think the policy does not apply to mailing lists for both
practical and political reasons.  i'm going to remove the gnu->glug link
and be done w/ it (for now :-).  as it is, the page has many
more referrals from google than from gnu...

   What would be the status of documentation released under a
   appropriately free license, such as the GNU documentation license?
   Would it be possible to put such stuff at, so that the
   link-problem is solved?

yes i think this would be fine.


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