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From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: GUILE FAQ
Date: 23 Jan 2001 21:01:26 +0000

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Petersen <address@hidden> writes:

    Stefan> I've been checking it out and it has improvred
    Stefan> considerable. It is very nice reading indeed, though there
    Stefan> are still some comments, "Anyone should do this bla
    Stefan> bla".

Yes, I'm aware of those; they're one of the things that I'd like to
deal with before release.

    Stefan> And I assume you're aware of the fact that r5rs
    Stefan> doesn't build. At least not to dvi.

Yes.  The problem here is that r5rs.texi is autogenerated by a tool
from the original LaTeX for R5RS, and it's not clear that it's worth
fixing the errors in r5rs.texi (some of which are non-trivial) when
people would be better advised to start from the LaTeX anyway.

    >> I realise that this situation (needing to do CVS) is far from
    >> ideal, and am working towards a documentation release as soon
    >> as I can get there.  (Target: end of March.)

    Stefan> Looking forward to it.

Thanks for the encouragement.


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