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Squile resurrected

From: Dave Lambert
Subject: Squile resurrected
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 08:20:25 -0500

Squile is, to quote from the README:

        Squile is a module for guile that allows guile to interact
        with sql databases.  The guile interface is very simple, but
        (I hope) also powerful.  There are only three commands:
        sql-create, sql-query, and sql-destroy.

        At this point, squile supports the MySQL and PostgreSQL
        engines, but the API is very easy, so adding more engines
        shouldn't be difficult.

Jorgen Schaefer (<address@hidden>), the previous maintainer, no
longer has time to devote to Squile's care and feeding, and has kindly
handed the task over to me.

It's my intention to make the source available at
Before I do that, though, I'd like to change the name (`Squile' is
cute, but uninformative) to `guile-sql'.  I'd like to know if
`guile-sql' is reserved for some other package, or if it's a bad idea
for other reasons.


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