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a newbie sticks his toe in the water

From: balayo
Subject: a newbie sticks his toe in the water
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 20:59:47 +0100

Hey Guys,

I've just spent about an hour reading the list archives.  As
not only a Guile newbie, but a Scheme newbie, and just about a
programming newbie, This probably isn't the list for me, is it?

I'd like to just use guile for some bang-path scripting. so far
I've just tried (system "*") stuff, gluing other scripts

I guess my question is, what's a newbie to do?  Any
suggestions?  The documentation, not just for guile, but for
the rest of scheme, too, seems pretty lean.  This is frustrating.
(read-line(current-input-port)) seems useful, but ...

I'll stop.  Too many questions.  Any thoughts would be


Eat more spinach.

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