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Re: some more newbie stuff

From: thi
Subject: Re: some more newbie stuff
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 01:07:18 -0800

   From: address@hidden
   Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 20:06:06 +0100

   Here's what I'd like to do.  Knowing how to do some of this
   would answer some questions I have...

   1. check to see if a "C" source file exists.
   2. If it exists, compile it with gcc and a list of parameters.
   3. If it does not exist, create the file with header-stuff 
      already there (put there by guile).
   4. ask if I want to compile the new file.
   5. compile it if yes, don't if no.

   Of course, feel free to ignore my little exercise.

i did not find a reply to this in my (admittedly spotty) mailing list
backlog, so...

1. see proc "file-exists?"
2. see proc "system*" in (ttn shellutils)
3. see procs "with-output-to-file" and "display"
4. see procs "read-line" and (for output) "flush-all-ports"
5. see syntax "if"

alternatively, you could get a lot of the above done w/ a Makefile.
hmmm, how about integrating guile w/ GNU make so that we can write rules
in scheme instead of sh?  (or even better, integrate guile w/ bash; grab for a start...)


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